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About Us


We are a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy.

Through crowdfunding, RE-volv lets individuals who support clean energy chip in a few dollars to help create solar powered communities around the United States

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Why we do it:

We envision a world where everyone has the power to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

We believe that solar energy empowers communities, strengthens local economies and creates a healthier environment.

How we do it:

100% of your donation is used to put up solar panels in U.S. communities. Then we use that same donation, and the interest it earns, and do it over and over again.

RE-volv provides solar financing to community-based nonprofits and cooperatives around the country without access to traditional solar finance. These organizations save money on their electric costs while paying RE-volv back through a 20-year lease with interest. The lease payments are reinvested in a revolving fund, the Solar Seed Fund, which continually finances community-based solar projects. Over time, each dollar donated to an individual solar project will go towards financing three or more solar projects. 

We want to see people-funded renewable energy in every community across the country. That’s why we started this pay-it-forward model for solar energy: so every donation can go further, build more solar, and strengthen more communities around the United States.

How we're funded:

100% of your donation to the Solar Seed Fund goes directly towards financing a solar project. The impact of your donation continues to grow as it is continually invested in additional solar projects.

RE-volv is primarily funded through the support of foundations and individuals. You can choose to make a donation to RE-volv’s operations right here on our website.

RE-volv relies on your support to achieve its mission. Together, we’re installing solar systems and helping communities lead the way on climate solutions.

For a more detailed look at our Financials, you can read our 2016 IRS Form 990.

How you can get involved:

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Annual Reports:

2016 Annual Report