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How It Works

RE-volv lets people put solar on the places they care about, giving them a way to take direct action on climate change. We’re building a global community of clean energy supporters, creating a cultural shift for solar, and tangibly acting on climate change by reducing carbon emissions. 

Nonprofits and co-ops lack access to traditional solar finance, and we want to see solar energy being used in every community in the country. That’s why we started this pay-it-forward model for solar energy: so every donation can go further, build more solar, and strengthen more communities around the United States.

Solar Seed Fund infographic

RE-volv crowdfunds tax-deductible donations to cover the upfront costs of a solar installation for a nonprofit or co-op. 

When a person donates to a RE-volv crowdfunding campaign for a particular solar project, the impact each dollar has doesn’t stop when the panels are installed. 

Community-serving nonprofits and co-ops pay nothing up front for the solar energy system, but over time they pay RE-volv back through a lease with interest, just like you would lease a car. 

All of those lease payments are reinvested into solar projects for other places we care about—our schools, places of faith, nature centers—across the country, creating a revolving fund that grows and grows with time. 

We call this fund the Solar Seed Fund.

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